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Ultimate9, formerly known as iDRIVE, is a leading Australian brand specializing in high-performance throttle controllers and innovative vehicle accessories. Ultimate9 products are designed to enhance your driving experience by reducing throttle lag, improving response, and offering customizable settings to suit various driving conditions. As an authorized dealer, we are proud to offer Ultimate9 products that cater to the needs of both off-road enthusiasts and everyday drivers.

The Ultimate9 throttle controllers feature multiple modes such as Eco Mode for reduced throttle response on slippery surfaces, Ultimate Mode with nine levels of sensitivity for optimal performance, and Automatic Control Mode that adjusts based on pedal pressure. These features provide drivers with enhanced control, whether navigating rugged terrains or seeking better fuel efficiency.

Additionally, Ultimate9's product lineup includes the Livetrack Stealth GPS tracker, which offers discreet and reliable tracking for various vehicles. This GPS tracker provides real-time location updates, geo-fencing capabilities, and movement alerts, ensuring your vehicle's safety and security.

Ultimate9 products are known for their durability, innovative design, and ease of use. Our partnership with Ultimate9 allows us to provide you with cutting-edge technology that improves vehicle performance and safety. Experience the difference with Ultimate9, where advanced engineering meets practical functionality.

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